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How Much Does a Bay Window Cost to Install?

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A bay window increases curb appeal, brightens a room, adds extra storage, and creates a cozy area for reading or dining. And knowing how much to budget for bay windows can help keep the project on track. According to Angi and HomeAdvisor, bay window installation cost ranges from $910 to $7,100, with many homeowners paying around $1,955. The higher prices usually include a more intricate seating area or opting for energy-efficient windows. Bay window cost can vary depending on if the project involves a new installation or a replacement. The prices of installing new bay windows are affected by how much construction is needed to install the windows. Bay window replacement cost is typically around $1,800 per window, with labor averaging between $100 and $300. Other factors that can impact the cost of bay window installation are the location of the window, the type of window, and the size. Before searching for bay windows for sale, homeowners should consider the factors that impact the overall price of the project. Here, we’ll examine the considerations that impact bay window installation, including additional construction, type and size of the window, permit fees, and important questions to ask a bay window installation professional.

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