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Want to make your windows bigger? Here’s what it takes. - Window Depot

Want to make your windows bigger? Here’s what it takes.

Bright photo studio interior with big window, high ceiling, white wooden floor

The nature preserve that abuts my weekend cottage in Litchfield, Conn., stretches 110 acres. Its grasslands and dense hardwoods serve as a sanctuary for migratory songbirds. Yet I could see almost none of this vast landscape from inside the home when I bought it three years ago.

That’s because the 600-square-foot house was built in 1920 — decades before the preserve existed — so none of its larger windows were oriented toward it. The dilemma fueled my first major renovation to the property: adding two large picture windows.

This wasn’t a simple window replacement. Contractors cut new openings in the walls of my living room and bedroom where no windows existed before, then framed and installed several-foot-long panes of glass.

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