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What are the different types of window treatments?

Pleated blinds XL Coulisse, beige color, with 50mm fold closeup in the window opening in the interior. Home blinds - modern bottom up privacy shades half raised on apartment windows.

Imagine a window that’s just a pane of glass. Pretty bare-looking, right? But humans have an innate need to adorn things. And so they invented window treatments.

What exactly is a window treatment? Admittedly, it’s a bit of decorator-speak that isn’t used much outside of interior design circles. But even if you don’t know the term, you probably know examples — shades, blinds, curtains or shutters.

That’s a varied list, and there are infinite variations within each category, too. Often, the options can seem overwhelming. So here’s a beginners’ guide: a look at the different types of window treatments, what they do, and what to consider when deciding what’ll work in your home.

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