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Window Replacement: Do it Right with The Professionals - Window Depot

Window Replacement: Do it Right with The Professionals

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New windows can lower energy costs, bring in the light and make the house more attractive to buyers. Window technology is also improving, so the prospect of new windows is even more attractive. A well-sealed window is less drafty, so it is more efficient and easier to clean.

Since windows protect the home against intrusions from other people, wildlife, the elements, and even from too much outdoor noise, any window damage should be addressed as soon as possible.

Windows in good condition, however, last a long time before they need replacing. Look at the window frame and notice what it was made of. If it’s wood, it may have too much moisture around it, which causes damage from rot and mold. Homeowners may also notice window damage if there is excess condensation, or the windows become hard to open.

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