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23 Types of Doors All Homeowners Should Know - Window Depot

23 Types of Doors All Homeowners Should Know

Dark wooden front door with transom window and side panels

We walk through doors every day as we move from room to room and building to building, yet how often do we really think about all the different types and styles there are? A door is about more than just function. A home door’s design can range from contemporary to mid-century, and from modern to craftsman and beyond. Given that the average home has 19 doors, these features can have a significant impact on a home’s aesthetics.

Doors come in a variety of styles, including the standard hinged versions to less common rolling doors and pivot doors. They’re made from a diverse range of materials too, some of which are decorative and others, utterly functional. Ahead, learn about the various materials that are used to make doors, as well as the door types that are used in homes and commercial properties.

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