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Here’s How Much It Typically Costs To Repair Your Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass door detail and rail embed in floor

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor sliding glass door, the minute something breaks is a major headache because you know you’ll spend a decent amount of money to get it working again. On average, homeowners pay around $225 to restore their sliding glass doors. The lowest amount you can expect to pay is $50, while the highest is $635, depending on several factors. However, if you need to replace some of the major parts, costs can rise between $1,000 to $3,000.

Unfortunately, there are many different ways a sliding glass door can break. For instance, if any small cracks were made at the time of installation, this can lead to the entire glass shattering much later. Or, if an excessive amount of grime builds up on the track, the wheels could get stuck, which may lead to someone accidentally breaking the glass or frame by pulling the door too hard. Whatever the case, you can find the various repair expenses below.

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