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How Much Do Triple-Pane Windows Cost?

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Triple glass pane windows, also known as triple-glazed windows, have three panes of glass with a spacer gas in between each pane. The gas, which can be krypton or argon, insulates the windows much more efficiently than with single- or double-pane windows. A three-pane window can increase energy efficiency by up to 50 percent more than double-pane options. The additional spacer gas and glass pane also decrease outside noise pollution by approximately 20 percent. How much do triple-pane windows cost? According to HomeAdvisor and Angi, triple-pane windows cost ranges from $400 to $3,540, including labor, with the national average at $1,935. Homeowners can expect to pay between $300 and $2,740 per window depending on the window style, size, and gas spacer type. Labor pricing can run from $100 to $800, which typically includes the disposal of the old windows. The overall price could triple for a picture window or for an extra-large bay window, and window installations on the second or third floor add at least an additional hour to the installation process, which increases the labor pricing.

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