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How Much Does House Siding Cost?

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When people envision their ideal home, they often see fresh landscaping, pretty or sophisticated lighting—and a crisp facade that makes their home stand out from everyone else’s, presenting an attractive face that suggests that the interior is just as well kept and up to date. Unfortunately, siding is subject to the harsh effects of the climate. In some areas, this can mean constant exposure to extreme temperatures, while in other areas wind, sand, salt, and storms wreak havoc on the finish of all exterior surfaces. Fading, warping, and cracking will eventually affect all siding materials, and when the house starts to look tired, most homeowners will start to wonder about the cost to replace the siding on a house for a fresh, new look. How much does new siding cost? According to Angi, the average cost of replacing siding is $11,435, with a typical range from $5,576 to $17,529—not an insignificant amount—so it pays for homeowners to make sure they understand the various components that make up the cost of siding replacement before seeking out quotes to make sure they get what they want, and without paying for things they don’t need.

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