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How to Choose the Most Suitable Window Type for Your Home

Real modern office window frame set isolated on white background, double pvc panes in various type for interior design element

Windows are the elements that connect us to the outside world. It is from them that views are framed, privacy, lighting and natural ventilation are defined. Nowadays in the construction market we find different types of openings. Find out how to choose the type that best fits your project needs here.

One of the main building elements, the window frames, is fundamental for the architectural project. Being able to vary in size and material, but also in the type of closure, such as glass and shutters, and opening mechanisms, the windows interfere with the interior space and the ambience of the project, enabling the creation of more intimate and versatile environments, or more lit and agitated.

In general, the frames are composed of a cadre installed on the wall, which can be made of wood, aluminum, iron or PVC, where the sheets – elements that seal windows with materials such as glass or shutters, which can be fixed or mobile – are set. When mobile, they can be opened and closed in several different ways, occupying more or less projection space beyond the walls. Below we will demonstrate the most common types of windows and how they open:

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