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Top 10 Window Styles

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Deciding on a window for your home is about a balance between aesthetics and function; we get expert advice from Darryl Church on 10 basic styles.

Selecting a shape, position and material for your window is almost limitless. In most cases it is a balance between functional and aesthetic requirements. Large expanses of glass will open a room to the outside, but this may compromise privacy and allow excessive heat gain or heat loss. Too small a window, may not offer the desired amount of natural light, limit potential for any heat gain and prevent you from enjoying the external view. A general rule of thumb, is to allow more glazing to the north, and less on the south side of your house. But of course not all sites are orientated the same and the requirements for solar gain and views can be in completely different directions. A habitable space must have a window view to the outside, of which at least 50% is clear viewing. With energy efficiency awareness greater than ever double glazing is becoming a popular choice for most windows in the home. Generally the size limitation of a window is determined by the limits of glazing rather than the frame construction material so decide what kind of glazing you want first.

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