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8 Steps to Take for Better Basement Window Security - Window Depot

8 Steps to Take for Better Basement Window Security

The basement of the brick building faced with natural stone with a pit and windows.

Basement windows can add a touch of natural light and a breath of fresh air to a space that can otherwise be dark, stuffy, and unwelcoming, but they are often an afterthought when securing a home against potential intruders. After all, unlocked side windows and unsecured back doors are much larger and more attractive targets, right? While those more obvious access routes to the interior of your home may come to your mind first, burglars have other ideas. When was the last time you checked to see if your basement windows are locked—or if they even have locks?

Often located in darker areas of the yard, low to the ground, and out of the neighbors’ view, basement windows provide an excellent opportunity for a criminal to get into your home. Most current building codes require basement windows to be egress points that are large enough for occupants to escape in the event of a fire. If the windows are big enough to climb out of, they’re big enough to climb in through. How can you secure your basement windows against determined intruders?

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