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Bay window ideas – 10 ways to decorate and dress yours - Window Depot

Bay window ideas – 10 ways to decorate and dress yours

Beautiful Bay Window in Countryside home. Harford County, MD.

Bay windows are beautiful features that you’ll usually find in historic homes. They consist of three separate window panels that protrude from the inner room creating more space, architectural interest and bringing more natural light into the space also – be that a living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Bay windows were mostly present in Victorian times, particularly in the British Isles, and what’s so wonderful about them is that they offer a world of opportunity in terms of design. Their unique shape means that you’ll have to get creative with different window treatment ideas as a standard curtain rail will not necessarily cut it. And, if you do want curtains all the way across, you’ll need to invest in made-to-measure options that work around those bends.

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