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Replacing windows elevates aesthetics, efficiency, value - Window Depot

Replacing windows elevates aesthetics, efficiency, value

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When homeowners consider whether the cost and stress of a renovation is worth it, the answer is a resounding yes for window replacement. Benefits span from elevated aesthetics and energy efficiency, to cash.

According to, its 2021 cost vs. value analysis in our region shows window replacement recoups approximately 70 percent (the value the project retains at resale). That’s up there with kitchen and bath renovations.

Window replacement can be confusing, costly and have pushy salesmen. Considering average replacements range from $800-$3,500 per window, taking your time to green-light a project is prudent. You must also factor what I call the “COVID coefficient;” windows and materials are taking two to three times as long to get, and are approximately 15 percent more expensive.

Older houses in Boulder City present extra consideration. Should I preserve the historic look of my house? Can I afford to?

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